1. What are the opening hours?
    Booking is strongly recommended. During school holidays opening hours are typically 10am to 4pm. Last session starts about 2 hours before closing time. During other periods phone to check availability.

  2. What are the prices?
    High level activities: Children (16 and under) £20.00, Adults (17 and over) £25.00. Kids low level course £10.00 per child.

  3. How long do sessions last?
    Sessions on the high level activities last about 2 hours and are led by instructors. Fair use limit of 11/2 hours on kids low level course during busy times. Parents accompany children on low level course.

  4. Age and height restrictions: Who can have a go?
    We endeavour to be as inclusive as possible however the following limits apply. High activities: Children must be over 1.30m  height and a minimum of eight years old, upper weight limit 120kg. Low level course: Minimum height 1.05m, maximum height 1.40m, upper weight limit 40kg.

  5. Do I need to be fit?
    Some of the challenges are quite physical however they do cover a variety of difficulties and we try and adjust the session dependent on the fitness of the group.

  6. Is it safe?
    Safety is a priority at Ropes and Ladders. Equipment is rigorously tested and staff are comprehensively trained. All equipment, procedures and training are under rolling review and independently audited.  

  7. Will we be accompanied?
    On the high level activities an instructor will accompany groups for the duration of the session. Parents accompany children on low level course.

  8. Do I have to do everything during the session?
    No one will push you to do anything that you don’t want to but we will get you to push your limits and hopefully surprise yourself with what you can do!

  9. What should I wear?
    Comfortable clothing to suit the weather. Long trousers are recommended. No bare midriffs / crop tops. Shoes should be sturdy trainers or light weight walking boots. No loose fitting shoes or sandals.

  10. What if it is raining?
    Wear your waterproofs you can still have fun in the rain! The only time the weather would stop us from operating is when safety may be compromised, for example during lightning storms.

  11. What if I fall off?
    Just get back on and continue! During activities your harness is attached to overhead safety systems so you cannot fall any great distance.

  12. What else is nearby?
    Lots and lots! See the links section of our website for information.